CS619 Pre-Final & Final Viva Important News

Intended Readers: All students who are registered in a new project in Fall 2021.

Dear Students,
There is an important update. So you must read and follow these details only for final deliverable submission and the final viva.

Important Update regarding Pre-Final & Final Viva

Final deliverable submission will be considered only for the students passed in test phase viva, so such students shall submit their complete final deliverable within due date on VULMS.

As per recent directions, the pre-final viva will be merged with final viva. So, after proper final deliverable submission a student will be scheduled in Final Viva Session. Final Viva Session will be started with final application session in which the viva panel members will evaluate student`s project development skills based on the developed application demo and source code. If student is able to successfully defend the final application session, only then the student will be asked to proceed with final presentation via (PPT) file.

In case a student is unable to successfully defend the final application session, the student will not be allowed to proceed further in the viva session, and thus will be declared fail in CS619 course. Later, the student can continue the same project in a next semester, as per normal CS619 policy/flow.

Submission Details for Final Deliverable

Students must submit their complete final deliverable folder (Code/Database/Any other files related to final deliverable) in the form of a .zip or .rar file on VULMS within the due date only. No submission after the due date will be accepted. A single fine policy extension is already applicable to final deliverable only, you check its details from relevant announcement on this page. In case of two group members, the submission file shall be submitted only by one member.

Take care about last date

No submission via Email will be accepted, if any student finds the problem in uploading the file. In such case the student can upload the file within due date on google drive and then share it via Email with respective project supervisor. Help about Google drive can be found here: https://support.google.com/drive/answer/2424384?hl=en

Activities after submission

After the submission of solution file by the students, they will be scheduled for Final Viva Session. For this viva, students will be scheduled on a working day and the viva session will be conducted separately for each student (the group members however can attend it on the same date/time but still the viva session will be conducted individually). The details of Final Viva Session will be published as a separate announcement. Students will make sure the internet connection is working fine, along with supported equipment for video call with screen sharing (Speakers/Head Phones, Mic, Camera should be working properly). Here is a helping link on how you can use an Android Phone as a Web Cam.

CS619 Pre-Final & Final Viva Important News


Also check the following link for complete guide for the use of Skype:

So make sure you test everything at least twice before your Final Viva Date. Otherwise you will be responsible for any type of issues in your project/final viva.

Important Things to Note:

– You must have your project in running state. And you should be able to open the source code of application in any IDE or any text based editor e.g. Notepad, Wordpad.

– Make sure to open source code of the application before start of your viva.

– Make sure you have already added your project supervisor on Skype at least 5/6 days before your final viva date. In case of any issue for adding your project supervisor on Skype, you can contact your project supervisor via Email.

CS619 Pre-Final & Final Viva Important News

– When your time starts, you shall start Skype call yourself, to start your viva session.

For any further query, you shall contact your respective project supervisor.

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