Current Papers 14 March

14 March 2022                                         Timing:  8AM

Current Papers 14 March

Bio-101 (Basic I-Biology)

MCQ’s from handouts

  1. Label Dicot Diagram (5 marks)
  2. Medel Theory (5 marks)
  3. Characterized Algae. (5 marks)
  4. Define Deforestation (3 marks)
  5. Chromosome homologous. (3 marks)
  6. Define coelom function. (2 marks)
  7. Define thematic index? (3 marks)


Current Papers 14 March                                           Timing:  8AM

CS-101 (Introduction of Computing)

40 MCQ’s from handouts

  1. Define Prototype and types in column (5 marks)
  2. A program was given and said that write the output.
  3. Write two incarnation of information Handling
  4. Explain BLOCK and INLINE element in HTML?
  5. Write devices name used by AI agents?
  6. a) To perceive environment
  7. b) To Effect environment
  8. Write Data Types




 14 March                                           Timing:  8AM

CS-411 (Visual Programming)

MCQ’s from handouts but conceptual

Q. Write Ajax code for given code.

Q. Identify the Application Commands and Component Commands?

Q. Properties of Touch Points?

Q. Write Objective of Get and Post Method?

Q. Write Data Templates using xaml.

Q. C# program was given about navigation.









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