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14 March 2022                                            Timing:  11:00 A.M

Today Current Paper

CS408 (Human Computer Interaction)

MCQ’s from past papers Junaid wali file 25 to 30.

3 marks questions:

  • Advantage of low-fidel
  • Navigation types Issue of wearable computer.
  • Skeleton plan.

5 marks questions:

  • Sinse of location and sinse of scale..
  • Structured and unstructured interviews..
  • Is it necessary to conduct interviews by expertise explain with example…
  • Disadvantage of single undo with example. Ek table match krna tha….

14 March 2022                                            Timing:  11: A.M

Eng-201 (Business and Technical English)

64 question total

MCQ’s (54) totally from handouts mostly (23-41)…

question no 55. fill in blanks?             5 marks

Q 56 . 3 feature of effective statement of long report?  3 marks

Q 57. Flow chart?                    3 marks

Q 58 . Punctuation?                  2 marks

Q 59. True false?                     5 marks

Q 60 . Two disadvantages of oral communication.       3 marks

Q 61. Capitalize word in sentence?

Q 62 . Fill in the blanks                        2 marks

Q 63 . Empirical repot k super structure sy related KOi 1 question tha?           5 marks

Q 64 .ni yad

14 March 2022                                            Timing:  8: 00 A.M

Today Current Paper CS-201 (Introduction of Programming)

Many MCQ is regarding templates and 1 5 marks question regarding templates…

3 marks questions.

  1. About memory allocation
  2. Approaches for operator overloading
  3. Two programs we have to write output
  4. Operators which can’t be overloaded

5 marks questions

  1. Write program for function overloading
  2. Template function
  3. Static variable function we have to write the program Rest I forget.

14 March 2022                                            Timing:  8: 00 A.M

Today Current Paper

CS-614 (Data Warehousing)

  1. Different metrics used for comparison data mining techniques. Name the metrics?
  2. Three dimensions common in context of Web data warehouse.
  3. Time complexity of K means O(tkn), t=? k=? n=?
  4. Identity header row and how columns delimited?
  5. Situation when Parallelism can be exploited.
  6. Quality Management Grid keys?
  7. Diagram illustrating Business dimensional life cycle.
  8. DWH life cycle key factors.
  9. 2 SQL Queries thi


14 March 2022                                            Timing:  11: 00 A.M

40 MCQs: Mostly from Past papers


  1. Name of the Pin in Port 37A used to enable triggering of ACK pin? (3)
  2. Two statements were given relating SPARC processor..
  • Add R2 and R3 and store their value in R4.
  • Store krna tha Flag with zero value in “Next” operand. (3)
  1. Describe PUSHF and POPF in detail. (5)
  2. An assembly program was written in Real Mode. We were asked to write it in 32 bit Protected Mode. (5)
  3. Discuss the structure of GDT. (5)
  4. In any assembly programming, describe how IRQ and interrupt are used to update system time. (5)
  5. In ‘Graphics Pixel’ define the representation of BH, AL, CX and DX registers. (5)
  6. Name of registers for service number and file attributes, used in Create/Truncate file using INT 21. (3)
  7. A question related to identifying INT and it’s service (couldn’t remember it fully) (3)

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